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Our Little Island...

Our business is located on the stunningly beautiful and idyllic Isle of Sark, between England & France.

Sark is a small island, with panoramic sea views at every turn, naturally lending itself to picturesque events of all descriptions.

However, the logistics of getting equipment on and off the island can be difficult and cause unnecessary stress for event organisers!


That's where we come in. With our large range of event equipment for hire and our partner businesses, both on Sark and in neighbouring Guernsey, we can take care of the tedious stuff, leaving you free to create your dream event.

From the  Moment You Arrive

From the moment you arrive Sark will captivate you. With no cars on the island and an abundance of natural beauty there is real sense of freedom and tranquillity.


Surrounded by charming, traditional buildings, horse drawn carriages and endless green fields it is no wonder that many people choose Sark for their special event.


From weddings to music festivals, yoga retreats and outdoor performances, the possibilities are endless!


Our Partners

Sark Event Specialists is supported by Guernsey’s longest established event company, Ray Lowe’s Event Services.

Established in 1976, they offer decades of experience and expertise, combined with high quality equipment. Together, we are able to provide almost anything that is not already available on Sark.

We also work closely with The Mermaid Tavern Sark, for any event that requires a licenced bar service. The Mermaid is an iconic Sark establishment and home to the legendary DJ Silver Fox!

Through partnership with Rickety Bridge, we are also able to offer a selection of fine wines to compliment your event. See our wine brochure for more details.

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